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One night in mid-July, I sat with a copita of mezcal, the sounds of Sufjan Stevens and Nina Simone, and a million Airbnb tabs open, and I decided to revive this here blog. After over six months hiatus, I guess I now have something to say.

For one, I don't want to give up on this thing. I've been documenting trips, moves cross-state or cross-country, new friends, meals shared and my evolving photographic style for nearly seven years. I don't want to quit.

Two, I have things I want to share, that I want to encourage you to go visit, try, do, buy, love. We're living in the age of the influencer, and while I want to avoid a vain and self-absorbed and personal brand-promoting approach to life, I do want to share things. I want to show you all the photos that I don't spam to Instagram and I want you to go to Mexico City and fall in love with it because of a trip to Frida's house and a meal at Lalo.

Three, I have limited knowledge to share with you, mostly just my experiences, but I think writing is a good way to hash out greater lessons, and I think looking back in a year's time at what I thought I knew is an ever greater learning opportunity. For the record, I don't know anything.

Four, writing is a muscle that I need to flex. Text messages and slack channels don't really cut it.

Over the next few weeks, I will be retroactively posting articles that I should have written during the first half of 2017. I want to share city guides for Miami, Vancouver and Mexico City. I want to write down my experience attending CES, SXSW and Coachella for work as a social media manager. I want to talk about how I'm planning for my trip to Europe this fall. And I want to just muse about other wanderlust adventures, I want to contemplate another photo series, I want to expand the limits of my own creativity.

Stay tuned. I could very well slip into another hiatus.  

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