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Fall in Denver

From the day that Kaity and David started dating, it was pretty inevitable that these two were going to spend forever together. I had the very special and unique opportunity of getting to live with Kaity for two years in San Francisco, and get to witness the relationship between these two wonderful people—how he pursued her, how they made tiny sacrifices for one another, and how well they simply fit together. It was just a matter a time before they got engaged and then a wedding date was announced and then we were flying to Denver to watch these two get married.

It was a perfect fall weekend in Denver for a wedding, with the leaves taking on every color imaginable, the warm air beckoning every one outside and the Colorado landscape lighting up for these two. The wedding meant several reunions, a taco bar (!!) and the start a great adventure for the new Benacs.

The photos that follow don't capture the wedding and the real intent for being in Denver, but they do highlight what might be my first ever, very true fall.

IMG_4625 Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 12.10.22 PM IMG_4643 IMG_4662 IMG_4676 Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 12.11.26 PM IMG_4753 IMG_4782 Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 12.11.51 PM
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