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Once Upon a July

Sometimes the summer months fly by while somedays you feel stuck in the doldrums. I state this as a weak attempt to rationalize my lack of writing here. Each month, I make same apologies and set the same news promises to myself—and to whoever still stumbles across this page—that I will try to blog and share and photograph and write more consistently. Well, it is what it is.

So tonight, November 5th, I will play an instrumental playlist on Spotify and dig in to writing about the past few months of adventure. And maybe it (this whole blogging process) will feel easy enough and I will be able to maintain it in the months ahead.

Once upon a July, I went to New York for work (see below), then returned for a Napa party, to learn develop film and to acclimate back into the normal SF routine, Land's End included.

IMG_0381 IMG_0399 IMG_0413 IMG_0446 IMG_0436 IMG_0481 IMG_0451 IMG_0486 IMG_0453

Written November 5th. Post dated August.
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