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Good Vibes in Cusco

Note: I visited Peru for about a week during the month of May. Pre and post trip, life has been incredibly busy (though GOOD!) + left zero time for blogging. Therefore, I'm hopping into my time machine and jumping back to May to share stories about my venture to América del Sur.

Where's the Airbnb?

After two flight delays, I was worried about missing my connecting flight in LA. I left work early + raced to the airport to try to jump on an earlier flight. Gotta get to Cusco + reunited with my soul-friend, STAT. After a series of unfortunate Uber pool passengers, a minor episode of tears, permission to skip all of security, and then a little sprint to my gate, I made it onto the flight and onto LA and finally to Lima.

From Lima to Cusco, I found my Spanish *extremely* lacking. Case in point: My driver from the airport to my Airbnb began peppering me with questions. In my race to keep up with his Spanish, I responded "yes, I have a son." Hermano and hijo are NOT the same thing. Duh, I know this. I should've recognized my mistake a beat quicker when the driver asked about my husband, and then my boyfriend. "Nope, I don't have either."

He finally dropped me off at Plaza San Blas, and I climbed step after step, one long hill that rivaled San Francisco, until I found my Airbnb and my soul-friend on Calle Kiskapata. I have arrived.

IMG_8102 IMG_8093 IMG_8090 IMG_8095 IMG_8108 IMG_8128 IMG_8116 IMG_8138

Museo del Pisco

What's the best way to say hello to Peru? Pisco sours of course. We got apps + alcohol at the Museo del Pisco. Unfortunately, the dramatic altitude change + alcohol + jetlag + little food didn't help with my inevitable altitude sickness. BLEH. Pro tip: If you plan to visit Machu Picchu, arrive a few days early + hang in Cusco to adapt to the altitude. The guidebooks don't lie.

IMG_8143 IMG_8146 IMG_8150

Return to Cusco

We departed from Cusco for our Machu Picchu trek. Fortunately, we returned to the small colonial town after Machu Picchu and spent a lazy day shopping, exploring and eating.

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