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Boardwalk Summer Vibes

Nothing sobers an enthusiastic spirit quicker than failed plans. With bags packed and a timeline in place, you are counting down the days until the weekend, the hours until the end of the final workday and the steps until you arrive at home and begin the great commission – the departure from the city and onto those now idealistic plans.

But when plans fall through... it's sobering, it calls your unhealthy expectation levels into question, and you're left with a bag packed for no destination. You can dwell in this space and allow for your spirit to steadily fade, hope flickering like a weak candle. OR... you use the cancellation as motivation, and you pivot prior expectations, prior enthusiasm toward a new destination. One in which you control more variables and therefore, control more of your destiny.

Basically, you turn a failed trip up to Tahoe into a magical, mystical exploration of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk + public beach. You stock up on snacks at the beachy drugstore, you bask in the sun and talk of life and relationships. You go on a search for Tecate and then more secret beaches, but you mostly find fruit roadside stands and a railroad track to nowhere and a nude beach cove before returning to the public seaside. It's no matter because you have already abandoned one set of plans, and this new day allows for all the whimsy.

This is exactly what happened when Kendra + I took to Santa Cruz and talked of dreams and being creatives. The sun embraced us, and we got quite sunburnt.

From March 26th

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