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Very Vallarta

My parents might be the final readers of my blog. After ringing my father the other day (aka last week), he asked, "So how was Mexico? We haven't seen any photos since July 1st." When I first started my blog, they probably (as in, most definitely) thought it was a waste of time, but five years of documentation and photographs and words have been worth it.

Dear parents, thanks for following along all this time. Thank you for funding the adventures, reading my words, commenting on my photographs, following my life and thank you for *wanting* to stay updated. You are still interested, involved, supportive and communicative. That's pretty cool + I appreciate you both.

Now to the gist of this post.
I took a vacation from work! I (kinda) unplugged from social media for a few days in Mexico. I lounged by the pool, worked on my tan (read: sunburn), read a handful of books (yes, plural), enjoyed one too many margaritas (oops), practiced my Spanish (uno mas margarita, por favor), and did all of this with my dear soul friend, Kathryn.

The trip was exactly what I needed. Here are some photos, but mostly, we were too busy concentrating on R+R to really do much else. Heck, we didn't even leave the resort.

IMG_8873 IMG_8877 IMG_8888 IMG_8894 IMG_8854 IMG_8901 IMG_8905 IMG_8947 IMG_8974 IMG_9000 IMG_8990 IMG_9010 IMG_9034 IMG_9036 IMG_9055 IMG_9039 IMG_9082 IMG_9089

Details to remember:
We stayed at the Grand Mayan resort. When we arrived, our room wasn't ready, so we beelined for the poolside cafe to order fresh fruit margaritas and nachos. As we ordered a second round of margaritas, we made an iguana friend. Finally, we checked into our room. Surprise! We have our own private pool on the balcony. This feels bourgeoisie-y. We're bourgeoisie-y. Perfect.

We are lounging everyday. We are floating the lazy river. We keep ordering nachos because they taste SO good. We are drinking the local water, and that's a big mistake. We are drinking too many margs and that is both a mistake and a memory (right? I think? hmm...). We are making friends playing tequila volleyball. Correction: Victoria is making friend playing volleyball while Kathryn is working in the hotel room and then Kathryn joins Victoria and also makes friends.

Day 3: the laptop dies! Que lastima! What a shame! Guess this vacation is *literally* about unplugging from work + social media.

We get sunburnt somewhere along the line. Good thing red looks good on me. We talk about making plans to go off-shore fishing, to go ziplining in the jungle, to go into the city, to go jet skiing, but we never leave the resort. That's mighty fine by us.

The best day, the best night: I make friends during tequila volleyball with Enrique, Matt, Troy + Adrian. We play beach volleyball. We split and agree to meet up later for drinks at El Santuario. Kathryn and I enjoy Cuban food on the beach for dinner while watching the magnificent sunset. West coast = best coast. We stroll along the beach and lose ourselves in selfies and warm waves. And then we fly to the Santuario because we're late! We grab two glasses of wine, find our friends and the night ensues. We're serenaded, we practice traditional Mexican dance, we drink away our sadness at leaving this place, we wade into the fountain and get told off by security and then we dance.

The next morning, the trip ends with cinnamon pancakes, mimosas and a trip to the Puerto Vallarta airport. So long, sunshine and iguanas and alligator infested oceans and tequila volleyball and Kindle days and cheap cheap room service and all our Mexico admirers. What a good vacation.
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