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I am very late on blogging...

One of my favorite bits about working at Brit + Co is our quarterly Creativity Day. We are a company defined by a very beautiful mission: Brit + Co unlocks creativity by educating, inspiring and supporting makers.

Maker, DIY-er, tinkerer, artisan, hacker, writer or all of the above. We believe that everyone is born creative, can be creative, is still creative.

I work in a very bright environment, I work alongside clever and innovative folks, and I get to flex my creative muscles everyday. But sometimes, even I need to hit the pause button on work-related projects and participate in some selfish creative-me time. Creativity Day is the very best for this very reason.

The first Creativity Day took place in September, and my marketing team took a cheesemaking class. Then during Q4, several us took a woodworking class. And for our third Creativity Day, some folks hit the waves in Pacifica and learned to surf, while others pursued creative projects at home. My dear marketing team (+ other tag-alongs) took a pizza-making class. YUM.

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