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Forsaken blog.

Since returning from Europe, I traded my camera for novels, then Prague for Houston then Austin, layers of clothing for shorts and tanks and sweating, Czechs for Texans and sorority sisters and young life hooligans.

The blog has also been exchanged--for sorority recruitment, for senior thesis projects, for young life clubs, for school reading, for personal journals, for weekends at the lake and football games, for retreats and an obsession of New Girl.

For the past two months or so, I have pondered the thought of completely absolving myself from the responsibility of the blog. BUT. But then I look back at the reason for starting in the first place. To quote one of my first blog posts and thereby, Bob Dylan:

"If your time to you
Is worth savin
Then you better start swimmin
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'."

So what's the significance of this? Senior year, this summer, this approaching fall-- it will all be about transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Change. Hence, this blog's purpose will to kind of just document change and pen down adventures so they will always be remembered.

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Gosh, I was quite ambitious. Also, I want to hold onto childlike wonder, the kind that colors my days. Transition to adulthood, let's just put that off for a few more years.

Anyways, I am still where I started. It's my senior year again, I am in the midst of a new fall season, and maybe there will be a transition, and maybe I want to document it, but I don't want everything to change and disappear. Given all of that, here's a quick summary of the past month.

1. Angel Fire

IMG_7963 IMG_7930IMG_7923 IMG_7978IMG_7971 IMG_8027 IMG_8015IMG_7999IMG_8017 IMG_8068 IMG_8085IMG_8107 IMG_8078

2. Recruitment

Yeah....I have about 400 photos from this. Well, it happened. I lost my voice. But I had meaningful conversations with girls. I celebrated my final recruitment with the fellow seniors. We all welcomed 70+ new sisters into the Tri Delt sisterhood & community.

3. Labor Day Lakies

IMG_9102IMG_9127 IMG_9146 IMG_9217IMG_9326 IMG_9505

There has also been class, young life clubs, homework, team meetings, all area retreat, football games, chapter meetings, big-lil reveal, birthdays, parent's weekend, date dash, tailgates, coffee shops, chapter retreats, living in the sorority house, IRB approval, first college life club, spring break talks, labor day, etc.
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