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In the midst of...
  • an internship at the Capitol
  • a spring semester of 19 hours...
  • midterms week
  • young life clubs, meetings, etc.
  • the beginning of spring "break"
  • and the start of SXSW

Obviously in the midst of all of this, the blog has become secondary....or tertiary...or basically nonexistent in my mind. The task/joy of blogging doesn't even make it to my to-do list nowadays. Probably because I would never receive the minute amount of satisfaction associated with crossing it off...aka I would never cross it off the list.

Thus, given my hectic semester and the obvious lack of time, I ask for forgiveness. And here I puppy-dog pout. Sorry for forgetting about this blog, for almost deleting several years worth of memories, for removing a personal writing/creative outlet from the internet and my own life.

Despite the joy this blog provides me with, the hiatus will most likely continue. Except let's refer to it as an intermittent hiatus. Who knows? I may crank out a blog post tomorrow. Unlikely. But I could! Then again, you may not here again for 4 more weeks. So I ask for patience and thank you for you loyally...if you're still following this.

And as if the weightless promise of future blog posts/intermittent hiatus wasn't enough, there's Europe posts to look forward to come the end of May. stick around hombre. SXSW should be interesting too. I'll do my best to entertain.

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