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Season's Greetings

This time of the year is filled with traditions whether it be Christmas Eve pajamas, caroling, driving around to look at Christmas lights, lighting the menorah, sitting by the fireplace, last minute shopping, spinning the dreidel, or rushing to send out holiday cards. To be honest, the cards have become one of my favorite parts of the season. Last year I devoted a whole post to sharing the holiday cards we received. In keeping with tradition, here are some of 2011's Christmas/holiday cards. Note: I do not post cards with family photos, but they were especially cute and creative this year!

card1 card2 card4 card5 card6 card8 card10 card9 card11 card7 card3


I hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed time with friends and family!
Let it be rich in meaning and influential in creating memories!
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