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Sequence Assignment
The assignment this week is to tell a brief story in a sequence of six images. The subject is up to you, and you can control and set up shots as much as you like. The more finely focused your story, the easier it will be to convey it visually. You’ll also want to choose a story that lends itself well to being interpreted visually.

Self Critique
This assignment reminds me of how I typically shoot photos during weekend events and vacations. Since I have a blog, I definitely use my photos, more so than words, to explain events and tell stories. No one likes to go to a blog and look at a block of text. It doesn’t matter how big of a reader you are, you don’t do this for fun. Thus for this assignment, I was really inspired. Since my roommate was Alice from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween, and since I wanted to use her in the assignment (largely to prove that she is photogenic), I decided to recreate the scene of Alice shrinking and growing huge. I managed to get my roommate to agree to a break from homework (physics kills) and we shot the assignment over by Spider House. I think so far, this has definitely been my favorite assignment, because I could be creative, but not have to stress about technique the entire time. That’s not to say I didn’t incorporate depth of field, vantage point, and proximity in my photo. The only real difficulty in this assignment was narrowing down the images. Whoops.

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