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Those closest to me know that I have never been fully satisfied with the name of this blog. When I originally started in July, I thought that "haaspice" sounded so hipster..or what have you. I quickly grew tired of explaining the meaning to EVERYONE. "Oh you a hospice when you travel abroad (similar to hostel)...this blog is a place for me to live and allow my feelings and thoughts to foster...blah blah blah" so after months and months of brainstorming, it dawned on me today. HAASTON. but why?
1. is taken. so is and and
2. if you couldn't guess by point one, i really wanted to use my last name. name recognition is key
3. i come from houston...hence the "ton" AND i live in austin..."haaston"
4. aren't i clever?

Basically this new name captures
who i am,
where i am from,
where i am now,
and the content will track where i travel

so please, bookmark this site, save it in your google searchbar...whatever. now a regular post below.

First of all HAPPY EASTER!!!
      Also this past week was pretty busy, but one particular event definitely stood out. On Tuesday, my alarm went off around 4:50 am. This was planned. I groaned and complained and almost went back to sleep, but then a text that read "You can do it" encouraged me to climb out of bed. I dressed in the dark and went outside to wait. My friend Jordan pulled up and I barely mumbled a hello. I immediately plugged in my ipod and started blast rap music. Time to wake up.
      Tuesday morning, Jordan picked up Jake and I, (1/2 of the Rouse YL Team--gotta represent) and we headed to Feed My People. On the way there, we went the opposite direction down a one way street and tried to pick up a friend of Jordan's from the homeless shelter, but he wasn't there. After such a lucky start, we arrived to the final destination.
      From 5 to 7, the three of us, along with over thirty other volunteers, served hot breakfast to the homeless of Austin. It was an amazing experience...too good for words.
      Following breakfast, the three of us went to Juan in a Million for some legendary breakfast tacos. We each ordered the Don Juan, prayed, dug in, and enjoyed delicious food and each other's company. Our conversation largely revolved around Young Life. No surprise there. Finally, ready to go, we asked for to-go boxes (seriously huge breakfast tacos) and our bill. That's when we learned that our breakfast had been paid for. Our morning just got richer. After a morning of was almost like we had been served in return.

Easter in Flatonia

Hunter found a box turtle...and named him Armageddon. Weird...
what a shy guy
this is all the bluebonnets you are going to see this year texas :(
our "poisonous" pet caterpillar
the cows are getting so FAT! (ps they're preggers remember)
about to go coyote hunting
classic haas family photo
with the rest of the fam too
hunter took my picture too :)

anyways, HAPPY EASTER.

Jesus told her, I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die. John 11:25-26

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