Saturday, January 20, 2018

Best of 2017

The first thing most people will tell you about the year 2017 is that it was a tough year. Politically, our nation was divided, and the outlook for our future remains wary. Over the past twelve months, our global population suffered from multiple natural disasters–from wildfires in California, hurricanes in the Caribbean and US, mudslides and earthquakes and more.

But 2017 had it's growth moments too. It was the year of women–telling their stories, being heard and then believed, witnessing actual repercussions for men, breaking glass ceilings.

Where did I go in 2017?
January: Tahoe for New Years, Las Vegas for CES,
and a Aspen ski trip.
February: Miami with Kathryn.
March: Austin for SXSW.
April: Coachella for work, Mexico City for
the first time.
May: Austin for Hunter's graduation,
Vancouver for a conference.
June: A weekend in Tahoe.
July: Mexico City, again.
August: Tulum and Yosemite with Megan.
September: Two weeks in Barcelona,
Morocco and Portugal.
October: New York for #CreateGood,
and a Tahoe weekend.
November: Less than 24 hours in Vegas.
December: A surprise trip to Texas
and Utah for Christmas.


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*More to come.*