Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hotel Hopping in Palm Springs

We went to Palm Springs. We drove all night following two concerts and arrived around 8am and pulled into the Parker Hotel valet but declared ourselves unpresentable for brunch. After changing in the car, we approached the valet a second time and then stepped through the front doors of the Parker and took a slight jump back in time based on the surrounding decor. We dined at Norma's, sitting on her colorful patio beneath heat lamps, and the restaurant boasted breakfast all day, which is a tell-tale sign of an excellent establishment. We dined and the smartest of us ordered mimosas (ahem) and we split courses and stole bites from one another's plates and all claimed to have ordered best.

Following brunch, we roamed the grounds and pretended to be guests. We passed our villa, we passed a retired celeb's villa, we practiced our golf swing and showcased our casual chess skill. We discovered hammocks and almost did not leave.

We only left for the promise of a pool and the Ace Hotel welcomed us in without ordeal or cost and we scored poolside chairs and ordered drinks with a kick. We met the sun for the first time in many months because San Francisco stays pretty grey and we took in the view of a cerulean pool set in the palm-ridden desert set against a mountainous backdrop that featured snow-kissed peaks. We were poolside in January, but the dry air and the hot tub kept us warm.

We reluctantly left for the grocery store and then our little rented house in town. In one day, we made ourselves quite at home in three separate settings, and I think given the chance, we could all stay longer and be truly happy here.

IMG_2833 IMG_2834 IMG_2835 IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2844 IMG_2851 IMG_2866 IMG_2858 IMG_2873 IMG_2831 IMG_2849

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Best of 2015

Every December/January, I take time to compile my favorite photos from the past year. It's a practice in nostalgia and memory, and a chance to examine the good labor of my pastime. I compare the year to older years, and relish certain photographs and the stories that they tell. I savor the meals I shared with others and celebrate the places I visited for the first time, or for the hundredth time. It's tricky to pick a few favorites, but here it goes. I give you my personal best photos of 2015.


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Thursday, January 7, 2016

No Normal Days

New Year's Eve can often be a disappointment. You wait for midnight, for the monumental shift of the clock or flip of the calendar, and there is a countdown commemorating the past year—the experiences, friendships, loves won and lost, the hardships and heartbreaks, the good changes and victories–and a separate anticipation for what comes next. In that moment, whether you're tired or hopeful, surrounded by friends at a party or sitting with family or Netflix-ing alone, you choose to remember and forget, and you choose to do it all again.

This year for the new year, some friends and I decided to forgo the popular bar bash and instead, venture into the woods of Yosemite toward some mysterious, unnamed destination. Let's go on a backpacking trip, we said. So we rented snowshoes, packed warm layers, convinced ourselves that 108 switchbacks were "no big deal," and left the city at 6am with our sights set on some great woods.

The drive through Yosemite to the valley was a welcome invitation into a still winter landscape, and we moved almost as if in a delayed state of slumber. We were eager, but chilled. We also were growing less convinced of our preparedness. Thus, we did not get onto the trail until early afternoon.

10 switchbacks in, we shed some layers. 30 or so switchbacks, maybe more, we took our first break. The chorizo taco was a clear winner of the trail at this point. Then it was heads down, knees up as we hiked and hiked and hiked. Big surprise... 108 switchbacks is A LOT. Darkness descended and the headlamps came out. Next, the snow grew deeper and so the snowshoes were assembled. 0.6 miles away was still 0.5 miles away after a long indeterminable amount of time, and we felt like our destination was nonexistent. But around 7 in the evening, with the night fully settling around us, with the millions of stars out to track our progress, with the doubtful question of "maybe we should turn back now?", we finally spied a light in the distance, across a clearing, and knew we had found our final destination.

We were greeted with whiskey drinks and a warm wood burning stove. We set about thawing our feet and making camp meals. We met 10 or so other strangers, and napped until the midnight hour. Slightly rested, we sang along with our friends, popped Moet as the clock struck 12, and threw our 2015 regrets into the fire. In a word, it was perfect. Yes, cliché though that may sound, this grueling trek into the woods marked one last hardship of 2015 and the reward matched the arrival of a new year, the arrival at our woodland destination matched the hope of what is in store for us—what is promised.

IMG_2502 IMG_2320 IMG_2287 IMG_2303 IMG_2295-2 IMG_2350 IMG_2364 IMG_2368 IMG_2377 IMG_2403 IMG_2436 IMG_2418 IMG_2442 IMG_2454 IMG_2472 IMG_2532 IMG_2482 IMG_2598 IMG_2596 IMG_2600 IMG_2642