Saturday, April 25, 2015

Into the Woods


On this day, I went to Yosemite and it was snowing.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

From Such Great Heights

The Light Chasers Club reunited this weekend for a 6 AM wake up call and trek through Bernal Heights Park. Accompanied by Karl the Fog, in a lackluster morning state, we would rejoice when the light peeked through the grey. The Postal Service seemed fitting for the morning. I hummed the tune in my head as we danced along the hilltop and as we ruled over the city.

They will see us waving from such great heights,
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
"Come down now," but we'll stay...

IMG_6652 IMG_6650 IMG_6673 IMG_6680 IMG_6675 IMG_6717-2 IMG_6698 IMG_6699 IMG_6723 IMG_6748 IMG_6764 IMG_6756

And thus, all of my blog post titles are taken from song lyrics. Andddd my only friends are now members of the Light Chasers Club... kidding, kind of. Following our descent, we treated ourselves to a most praiseworthy breakfast at Plow in the Dogpatch. Lemon ricotta pancakes, crunchy hash browns, bacon and sausage and eggs.

Hypothesis: Only good things happen before 8 AM.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Washed By the Water

Sometimes, I imagine little songs playing in the background like a soundtrack to my life. Needtobreathe's Washed By the Water would have been quite appropriate last Saturday evening.

IMG_6502 IMG_6540 IMG_6528 IMG_6626

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Thursday, April 16, 2015

With Childlike Abandon

Confessions of a photographer:
Sometimes, I hate taking photos. It's easy to feel obnoxious and unoriginal and pretentious. Bleh! Truly, the best part is when you can hide behind a camera and capture the candid and the real and memories. When you can capture the true beauty or story of a person, or when your camera acts more like a passport than "Big Brother" from 1984.

Once upon a time, I ventured to Prague for a documentary photography course and it was hard. There were about 15 of us, all carrying around large SLR cameras, and taking photos of every little thing, all at the same time. Americans already stand out, we're already loud. Add a bunch of cameras and there was no way to disappear.

Sometimes, it's simple to slip back into the discomfort of Prague, and feel awkward holding the camera body. BUT, sometimes with the right people, the camera can become a novelty again. Thus, with childlike abandon, we danced around the Sutro Baths, crawled over rocks + ruin, chased waves on the beach while staring into the sun and we took an abundance of photos.

IMG_6463 IMG_6470 IMG_6476 IMG_6481 IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6490 IMG_6496

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lovers of the Light

It was a pretty tip-top weekend because in addition to waterfall chasing, members of the Light Chasers Club met for the very first time! My dear friend Deborah + I drove through the Presidio once, sometime around sunrise, and we found ourselves speechless. Those trees, that light... we must come back. So we set a date, we picked a time, we readied our cameras and even picked up another comrade.

At about 6:45 pm, TR the adventure car pulled into the Presidio and three friends cheered with delight! Those trees, that light! All talking quickly ceased, replaced by the soft shutter of three cameras.

IMG_6383 IMG_6392 IMG_6413 IMG_6418 IMG_6436 IMG_6441 IMG_6452

Then the light begin to sink behind a great wall of pine, cypress and eucalyptus trees. The adventure could not be cut short, though! Back to the adventure Jeep and onto the Sutro Baths. In that moment, we became light chasers and a camaraderie was born.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chasing Waterfalls

Let's be unoriginal for a hot second and quote some TLC:

Don't go chasin' waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to
I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you're moving too fast

Welp, TLC. Too late. Sarah + I went and chased some waterfalls along Cataract Trail this weekend. Despite a California drought, there were trickling streams and baby waterfalls to be seen. Good conversation, adventurous spirits and delicious Fairfax burritos made it a swell time.

IMG_6245 IMG_6306 IMG_6320 IMG_6326 IMG_6328

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Down the 101: Santa Barbara


This past weekend, four of us quit work a bit early, piled into a car and hit the 101 South. We were Santa Barbara-bound, ready for sunshine, sand and sabbath. Quality tunes kept us moving and we only stopped for In-N-Out (a California road trip necessity).

The weekend consisted of brunch at Jeannine's, an epic search for beach towels, lounging at Butterfly Beach, happy happy wine hour and the most delicious chorizo + horchata at La Super-Rica Taqueria. There were multiple Topher Grace sightings, there was wild dancing, there were açaí bowls, there were pelicans and theme songs and campus tours.
We've been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number 1
California here we come
Right back where we started from

Hustlers grab your guns
Your shadow weighs a ton
Driving down the 101
California here we come
Right back where we started from

IMG_5919 IMG_5948 IMG_5960 IMG_6012 IMG_5967 IMG_5998 IMG_6024 IMG_6036 IMG_6078 IMG_6105 IMG_6103 IMG_6119 IMG_6121