Sunday, August 31, 2014


We left Arizona and entered California by way of back roads. We passed through small towns of little note, and could very easily have been lost. Then we stumbled upon the white sand dunes. I made Hunter turn around so I could fulfill a lifelong dream. Note: it is unadvisable to dance about sand dunes in your flip flops. The pair of us jumped and fell. We ran and rolled down the peaks and valleys. We were covered with sand, and it was good.

Later, we found out that the Algodones sand dunes compose part of the border between Arizona and the Mexican state of Baja California. At least I had my passport...

sanddunes IMG_9416 sandsquare IMG_9476 runsand IMG_9445 IMG_9501 jump IMG_9559 IMG_9553

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Grand Canyon

Three weeks into San Francisco (whoo!), and I'm still blogging about the expedition to get here.
Deal with it.

As we left Monument Valley, the dashboard read 5 and the sun began its evening descent. We still had 4 or 5 hours to Phoenix, to our hotel reservations, to our beds and to a break from the monotonous hours of driving.

Do we or do we not have time to stop at the Grand Canyon?
We ruled it out.

As we drove, we tried to revise the road trip map in order to squeeze in a stop at the Grand Canyon. We could forsake Salvation Mountain...or Joshua Tree. If we went North from Phoenix tomorrow, we could see the Canyon and drive through Vegas. Really, we just needed an extra day to the road trip.

Driving south on the 160, we hit Tuba City, and decided, "Why wait?" The sun was setting...sure, but maybe we could make it in time and see the Grand Canyon lit by the fading light.

We sped along the winding road that led into the park, speeds exceeding 10...20 mph over the limit. Oops. But we were racing a setting sun and all else could wait. We made it just in time, and probably at the perfect time to visit this wonder. At some point, I stopped trying to take photos because the place was too big and too grand and too awe-some to capture.

chasingsun IMG_9249 IMG_9299 IMG_9336 siblings IMG_9341 IMG_9347

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Best Valley

And on August 7th, we drove out of the way and up into Utah. We crossed the state border and entered a valley with towering sandstone monuments. The 17 mile loop took us several hours and we were mesmerized. The Wrangler (TR) was simply thrilled about the hard, dirt roads while Hunter and I looked at each other and declared this place as the best detour of the road trip. Separately, I decided that this is quite possibly one of my favorite places in the world.

monument valley IMG_5809 wateringhole IMG_5817 IMG_5959 driver IMG_8961 IMG_6039 landscape IMG_9032 square driving

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Road Trippin'

Today marks my two week anniversary in SF! Hurrah hurrah!

I love this city, the food, the people, the job, but it seems like I'm in an endless period of transition. I am forever behind on the housing search and I am constantly looking for friends and my SF home team.

Anyways, going to spend the next few days catching up on road trip photos and initial impressions of SF.

road trip roadhunter IMG_5547 IMG_5621 road IMG_5733

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fluff Bake Bar

Blogging from San Francisco, Kelley and I have officially split up. I dearly miss my foodie friend, but in the coming days weeks, we hope to initiate a new phase--Being Fed: Coast to Coast edition. In the meantime, I hope to add some fluff pieces to help this little, fledgling blog float along.

Just before I left Houston, and the great state of Texas, I made one last tour of some of my favorite restaurants and a few new, local hotspots. I joined my friend Jennifer (who was quickly becoming my Houston sweet-tooth friend) for a farewell venture out to the Heights to check out Fluff Bake Bar. Located within Revival Market, we ordered three desserts, and the Fluff Bake Bar exceeded all expectations.

IMG_5144 1fluffbake fluffbake1 IMG_5159

Couch Potato Cookie: SO I should've written about this cookie in realtime...not from a couch in San Francisco, but I distinctly remember the complexity of this little fellow. I remember the sweet taste of sugar cookie, with the added crunch of chips and nuts (pecans, maybe?), and then the lingered salty taste on the back of my tongue. I wish I could do the cookie a greater justice...but trust me, the cookie earns its name. I would gladly sit on the couch, binge watching House of Cards, with a whole plate of these guys for an afternoon.

fluffbake2 IMG_5184

SHOs (Sugar Hooker Oreos): Call it a whoopie pie, call it a homemade Oreo, I don't care. This might have been the best bite of sweetness. The chocolate cookie was the perfect follow up to the salty-sweet couch potato cookie. Just needed a big glass of milk for dunking.

IMG_5185 fluffbake3

Funfetti Cupcake: Presenting a literal cupcake. Fluff Bake Bar offered several flavors and we opted for sprinkles. How could we not?! We saved this for last...but that may have been a mistake. Jennifer and I were definitely fighting full stomachs. Nonetheless, the cupcake was fluffy and fun.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Now that I have started working at my "big kid" job here in SF, personal matters of life have become secondary. This blog, and the food blog have become septenary. (7th priority....yes I had to google that). I am behind on posting drafts, and reporting on the road trip, and creating new content.

But here's a post regarding a little bit of Texas. A few weeks ago, I wrote on my parents' little teardown project in Flatonia. I took my final, farewell photos of Flatonia and the house that will soon be no more.

IMG_5345 Dismantle1 IMG_5366 Dismantle2 IMG_5343 IMG_5394 Dismantle4 Sunglasses IMG_5435 Boards IMG_5409