Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Roadtrip Europe: Innsbruck

After a night in Salzburg, we departed early in the morning for the Olympic town of Innsbruck, Austria. I think this may have been my favorite leg of the trip with my dad. Innsbruck took the best parts of Europe with Baroque architecture and Neo Gothic churches, and combined it with the best of Colorado, with mountains and wilderness and a blue-green river snaking through the town.

I loved Prague and Vienna and Paris, but cities all begin to intermingle. Then you see mountains. Large, breathing structures, moving and growing. I'm splitting this post up because I think the Alps deserve their own moment. But here are some looks at the town of Innsbruck.

About Innsbruck:
  • Capital city of federal state of Tirol in western Austria
  • The Winter Olympic Games were held in Innsbruck in 1964 and then again in 1976
  • The Golden Roof, pictured below, is a popular landmark and was built in 1500, the roof was decorated with 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles for Emperor Maximilian I.
  • Serves as an ideal place for skiing in winter, and mountaineering in summer, and is also features numerous mountain biking trails

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    Sunday, July 21, 2013

    Roadtrip Europe: Salzburg

    After a few days in Vienna, my father and I drove across much of Austria to reach Salzburg. There's this movie, The Sound of Music, maybe you've heard of it, and it was filmed in the town of Salzburg. Staying near quaint old town, we walked amidst the sea of tourists. We climbed up a fortress overlooking the city, enjoyed the best slice of apple strudel...ever, watched two old men display their skill for strategy at a game of chess, discovered the childhood home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, strolled the Mirabell Gardens, and finally watched the Sound of the Music on my laptop. It was all quite ideal.

    "Went to the top of Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Fortress) which was about a 500meter vertical climb. Beautiful up top and can see for miles. It's place is prettier than Vienna, but that's because it's in the mountains and not as big as Vienna. Like Vail but 10 x's better. Have walked/ hiked over 13 miles in 3 1/2 days so starting to get in shape." -Larry

    "OK, Prague is a 7, Vienna a 9 and Salzburg a 10. Salzburg is like Vail, only 10 times bigger and no slopes. Times seems to fly by, or you just get tired of walking and looking. Not many Americans here. It really is beautiful. Also about 65 degrees during the day, so not ready to come back to the heat. For sure we will hike in the Austrian Alps tomorrow as that is on Victoria's bucket list. Driving through Austria is better than I imagined. Unfortunately , Texas is too hot and dry to look like this." -Larry

    IMG_6335 IMG_6429IMG_6442 IMG_6489 IMG_6492 IMG_6523 IMG_6531IMG_6544 IMG_6567IMG_6607 IMG_6625 IMG_6722 IMG_6730IMG_6733 IMG_6743

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    Roadtrip Europe: Vienna

    On July 26th, my father Larry joined me in Prague for about 10 days of traveling. We rented a small, white manual Skoda car and armed with Fuhrlein Hilda, our Garmin GPS, we set out across Europe on a grand roadtrip. First stop: Vienna.

    "OK , Vienna seems much more cultured than Prague. They have a huge mall type area that is like an outdoor Galleria. Also some of it is like the Westheimer/ Kirby development. Weather still cool but still suffering from time change. Lot of pretty people here. Toto knows her way around with public transportation so that makes it easy( I must be getting older as I just follow instead of lead)." -Larry

    "OK, Prague is historic, old, religious and seems a little gloomy . Whereas Vienna is historic, old , religious and full of life. I think I am more Austrian than Czech. I also think I am part of the Habsburg's family. Don't know how, but can just feel it. The buildingz are magnificent, churches 10 times bigger than what we have in the US and so awesome. Weather is great so far and the only difficulty is the time change. Going to some palaces today (the Belvedere) and a couple of museums. Don't know where my daughter got interested in museums, etc....Oh yes, we are descendants of them Habsburg's..." -Larry

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    Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    Taking Photos

    When you take a documentary photography course with sixteen other photographers in a foreign place that attracts tourists, several things may transpire:
    1. You may begin to take photos of the aloof tourists as they never really notice you.
    2. You may begin to get annoyed when tourists ruin your photos.
    3. You may begin to chuckle when a pack of tourists stops to take photos of iconic landmarks or similarly pose for a photo.
    This may even continue to the point where you lose your sensibility and begin to find humor in photos of tourists taking photos. I can call this a clever photo story (legit, huh) or I can honestly say that I do not know what to do with these photos of people-I-do-not-know taking photos. (Clearly I've lost my mind while editing.)

    IMG_6759 IMG_6825 IMG_6849 IMG_7081 IMG_9253 IMG_2970 IMG_3007 IMG_4787 IMG_4657

    If you liked this, trust me, there are more! Maybe I'll start a series.

    Editor's note: This post originally quoted Nickelback's song "Photograph" and featured an embedded YouTube clip of the song. Both were removed. You are welcome.

    Monday, July 15, 2013

    Snaps: Part 2

    These snaps are from my first two weeks in Prague....and I forgot to ever post them. Well, cheers!

    IMG_7079 IMG_6637IMG_6635 IMG_6639IMG_6642 IMG_6644IMG_6645 IMG_7094IMG_7092IMG_7095 IMG_6659IMG_6669 IMG_6681IMG_6682 IMG_6736 IMG_6684IMG_6696 IMG_6709IMG_6727 IMG_6741IMG_6743 IMG_6755