Sunday, September 9, 2012


There is a little facebook group of swell people who appreciate adventures, behaving whimsy-ily, and enjoy shenanigans.


Ever had the most amazing, spontaneous dream or adventure idea? You were thrilled, you were brilliant and you were ready to go. But then, maybe this thought was dashed. Perhaps you couldn't find an accomplice to your plan or a willing victim to endure whatever scheme you cooked up. Well this group hopes to foster future shenanigans and insure their success.

Let's have a party this year and go on numerous odysseys. Let's meet new people and love each other. Let's camp out, call random strangers, dress in silly outfits, and really live life.


1. .... 2. Anyone can be added to this group provided that they have an adventurous spirit. Upon addition, they must submit an adventure idea.
3. Try not to flake if you say you are going to attend. Flakiness is disheartening.
4. HYDRATE on your adventures. But note: hydrotoxicity is a real thing (see Jacqueline Murchison)
5. If an adventure is a failure (that will never happen), but say rain cancels an odyssey or someone catastrophically breaks a thumb, the adventure can be redeemed with a trip to Mags.
6. In route to the adventure, you must play good music. Must. For ideas about what is good music, feel free to ask around.
7. Geoff Crisanti says you can't have girlfriends. This rule is iffy.
8. The shenanigans suggested can range in output levels...meaning sloth-like activities like Harry Potter movie marathons and camp fires, or komodo dragon style adventures like climbing mountains, avoiding hot magma, insane food competitions. Komodo Dragon.
9. Loving a stranger during your adventure gives you +20 super shenanigan points. That's a good thing.
10. Dressing in costume during your adventure gives you +45 super shenanigan points. Must have photographic evidence.

So for Labor Day, 18 of us ventured out.
We left Sunday night, shot the chute on the Comal river, midnight run to Whataburger, watched the movie Hot Rod, sleepover party, woke up with donuts, played in the lake, soared from great heights, swam to secret places, dined at the idyllic Gristmill.
Conclusion: Great Success.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Car Problems

This weekend, Alex's car wouldn't start. Such is her life.
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Yeah so maybe there isn't much to this blogpost, but the truck breakdown really was an ordeal. After jumping the car once, letting it run, and turning it off, the car failed to turn back on. After jumping the car once, letting it run, and driving to the truck dealership in Round Rock, Texas, Alex became carless.

The highlight of the entire venture however was Rudy's BBQ, quickly becoming a true Texas tradition.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hot Tamales

This past week, after our first day of school, our resident chef extraordinaire Kelley declared the first family dinner. The prep took an hour or so and then five of the six roommates sat together at our great table to enjoy a feast of homemade chicken and corn tamales, a vibrant salad full of corn and peppers and tomatoes and black beans and other fresh veggies, some of the best guacamole EVER, and salsa by yours truly.

The whole meal--prep, table setting, tamale rolling, and feasting--brought everyone together. Well 5/6. L.Shell was sharing her musical talents to the world. But there was a good majority present. And L. Peters made the corn-tamale mixture, mashing with her bare hands. Kelley did....EVERYTHING. Alex made San Antonio's own guac...without it was extra divine. I made haasauce. Yeah, I am pretty much limited to salsa, cereal and muffins in the kitchen. And then, Katy was the biggest trooper and did the majority if not all of the dishes. Love her all the more for it.

Overall, the dinner was a great success. And our house, soon to have a more permanent name, will be kicking off a food blog soon! With better photos, I promise.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Time

The time is NOW.
This is OUR TIME.

The Texas Theta Zeta chapter of Delta Delta Delta just finished a week of work week and a week of Recruitment. Hours on hours on hours were spent at the "Delta Shelta" preparing for the arrival of 78 new Deltas! A dozen more girls than expected joined our sorority this past Tuesday and the entire chapter unanimously feels the weight of this great blessing. I feel as though every chapter member is eager to meet these new girls...these new sisters and learn what they have to share with us.

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Oh HEYY Carly...
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