Sunday, December 26, 2010

Greeting Cards

Okay so maybe this is considered lazy...a blog post of my favorite Christmas cards, but honestly, weeks and months from now, I'll look back on this post and smile. Maybe even in July I will stumble upon this entry and be reminded that Christmas is sooo close. So lazy, easy, whatever, here are my favorite greeting cards from this year. I'm sad to have not included ones that included family photos because trust me, those can be hilarious, but due to privacy rights and yadda yadda yadda, I stuck with these classic cards.


i loved this card because the image is from a book of hours, the art style was very popular in the medieval ages and illuminated manuscripts much like this were luckily well preserved


yessssss, a cat card!!





this was addressed to me :) that's right, i'm pretty legit

this is how i feel after all the yummy food i have eaten over the past few days

And lastly, my family's Christmas card (which I designed on Adobe InDesign)

Merry Little Christmas

Andy Williams knew what he was talking about when he composed the popular, and ever-so-catchy song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." For all you cynics out there, please please please name a holiday/season that brings more people together worldwide? Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, matter what you call it, it is a time of people really coming together to share and give and laugh and have joy. Anyways, enough preaching by me...

nothing says Merry Christmas like the christmas quilt gracing us with its presence

okay i have no real reason for liking this photo except for the lamp. silly yeahhh...

And now I attempt to photograph Christmas lights once more. Sorry if these are painful for you to view...hahah
DSC_1311 DSC_1313
So this is probably the best decorated house in all of Houston that I have found, though I am sad to announce that I didn't venture over to the Heights or many other major neighborhoods. Nonetheless, nestled in Briar Grove Park (neighborhood) is this spectacle which you can see from several blocks away. The house caused quite a traffic jam but was WELL WORTH SEEING!
DSC_1349 DSC_1351
almost passed up this picture because its not so great quality wise but gotta love the photo bomber. thanks kid, you look super cute

This year for Christmas, we decided to switch it up and celebrate at our new ranch. Let's get some things straight...
1) There is no stove or oven.
2) Cold air comes from a window unit. Warm air comes from a window unit (kinda), any of four wood burning fireplaces, any of five small candles, and two rotating heaters.
3) We are city people. To. The. Core.

So here we are, Christmas Eve, it is about four in the afternoon. Hunter and I are watching movies (we finally brought a television up to the one hundred and twenty plus year old ranch house) when the power goes out. It is raining outside, growing darker each minute due to storm clouds and the setting sun, and water droplets are entering down through the chimney (our only remaining source of heat). Well isn't this just lovely. Fortunately, repairmen come and attempt to fix the power, the blown transformer, or whatever. Long story short, from about 4 till about 9 that same evening, we were without power in Flatonia. We opened presents by firelight, candlelight, and flashlight. Luckily power returned. The next day we hosted my aunt, uncle and Nana. Tons of presents were opened; I have never seen more flannel gifted in my entire life.

DSC_1508 DSC_1509

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Be a Grinch

Things I Love About Christmas:
1. Christmas lights
2. Christmas carols
3. Holiday drinks at Starbucks
4. Ornaments
5. Wreaths
6. Santa Claus & his elves
7. Christmas movies on tv: Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, A Christmas Story, White Christmas, etc.
8. Christmas cookies!
9. Presents duh.
10. Christmas trees
11. Friends and family
12. SNOW...hopefully
13. Snowflakes
14. Apple Cider/Wassail
15. No school!!

Okay so today my brother got asked to Cotillion and the way the girl asked was simply amazing!! I wish I was this creative...


Also, forgot to post these pictures of my dad using an old lawnmower. Seriously...old. You simply push the mower, causing the blades to rotate, which, amazingly, actually are able to cut grass.


That was Friday morning. Saturday I made my family's SUPER last minute Christmas card, went to a soccer game, and then toured River Oaks to look at CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! The photographs were mostly, well, failures.




okay, now this one takes some faith, some believing...This is a SHARK! best house, hands down.








Winter Break

Finally, after two weeks of living in the PCL (Perry-CastaƱeda Library), pulling all-nighters, and cramming my brain with Chemistry, Geology, and Calculus, I am now done with my first semester of college. 17 days into December and I have also yet to blog. Quite disgraceful on my part...hahah

After finishing up my last final (chemistry) on Tuesday, I returned to my dorm, was greeted by my mother, and proceeded to stuff my closet into two suitcases. I have never packed so quickly in my life. My mother and I then brunched at Kerbey Lane, her first time, before heading toward San Antonio. Over the next few days, we hopped town to town--San Antonio, San Marcos, Gruene, Flatonia, Schulenberg--having many mini adventures.

We visited the outlet mall in San Marcos, the riverwalk and the old Mercado in downtown San Antonio, vintage shops in Gruene, and saw Christmas lights in Flatonia and Schulenberg. My biggest disappointment was forgetting my memory card while in Gruene, Texas. I missed the opportunity to photograph fossils of Mammuts,prehistoric elephants that used to roam the South. Why such a disappointment? Those close to me know my love of dinosaurs, fossils, rocks, and sharks....

alien looking flower bud. and my mom wants to grow these things at home?!?
lights on the riverwalk
at the ranch, i even convinced my mom to pose for some shots :)

thanks for readingg :) looking forward to some adventures over the next few weeks and hopefully some christmas related posts!!